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I'm Brent Le Blanc, Look Development Artist, Tool Maker and Independent Filmmaker based in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

I have over 13 years of Film and Animation experience, but now  working in tech at Amazon building next generation tools to empower creators to build the future of content creation and consumption.

Previously I've worked for Digital Domain, Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks Feature Animation, The Gnomon Workshop, Gnomon School, Pixar and currently Amazon as a Design Technologist II.


- Substance 3D (Painter, Designer, Stager)

- Houdini

- Maya

- Unreal Engine

- Lighting

- Composition

- Editing

- Storytelling


- Stable Diffusion ( Comfy UI, Automatic 1111, Fooocus )

- ControlNet

- Python

- Gradio

- Arnold

- Moonray

- Unreal Engine

- Renderman


I have a passion for design, 3D, technology and infinitely interested in the ways that artists can use AI to empower them to create. I love using and making tools that allow us to create beautiful stories and experiences. There has never been a more exciting time to be at the edge of art and technology. 



Brent Le Blanc











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